29 | 12 | 2019

The Lotos Land of Salcombe Harbour 1904

"Salcombe is six miles from Kingsbridge Station, and it is doubtless those six miles that save it from desecration by Saturday excursions and bad music. Bicyclists shun it, too, for it leads to nowhere and the road is preposterously hilly. The country round about it is treeless and discouraging; our hearts sink a little as we drive from Kingsbridge between the imprisoning hedges of Devonshire. It seems unlikely that anything really pretty can await us.Then we reach the edge of the hill,and suddenly the green sea shines below us, lapping upon the yellow sands of the little creeks; wooded slopes drop steeply down to the rocks that fringe the shore, and beyond them is the blue mass of Bolt Head.

Salcombe lies at our feet, clinging to the hillside, a tiny town of steep streets and shipwrights’ yards and picturesque quays. Very snugly it lies in..."

This is Short snippet from a 2-page Illustrated Article published here: Country Life Magazine November 5th 1904

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