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The Duchess of Devonshire's Pigs 1904

In a well-known passage Mr. Harrison Ainsworth once gave a charming description of those Sussex Downs on which the livestock of the Duchess of Devonshire is now kept, and, although it is somewhat too poetic for agricultural purposes, we can scarcely help quoting it:

“ No breeze so fresh and invigorating as that of these Sussex Downs; no turf so springy to the foot as their soft greensward ! A flock of larks flies past us, and a cloud of mingled rooks and starlings wheels overhead. Mark yon little T-shaped cuttings on the slope below us — those are the snares set by the shepherd for the delicious wheatear, our English ortolan. The fairies still haunt this spot, and hold their midnight revels upon it, as yon dark green rings testify. The common folk hereabouts term the good people ‘ Pharisees,’ and style these emerald circles ‘ hay tracks.’ Why, we care not to enquire. Enough for us the fairies are not altogether gone. A smooth soft carpet is here spread out for Oberon and Titania, and their attendant elves, to dance upon by moonlight ; and there is no lack of mushrooms to form tables for Puck’s banquets.”...

This is Short snippet from a much longer 3-page Illustrated Article published here

Country Life Magazine November 5th 1904

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